The society is run by volunteers who are members of either the Main Committee or the Program Sub-Committee (PSC).    We would welcome more help so if you are interested, please talk to one of us.

  • Main Committee manages the running of the society.  At least one member of the main committee is a member of the PSC.
  • Programme Sub-Committee select the films for the new programme,write the screening notes,  and usually provide the introduction prior to a screening.
Founder Chairman

Anthony Pickavance

Main Committee and Program Sub-Committee (PSC)

Dieter Shaw


Progamme Licences and Sourcing Films

Also on PSC


  • Best song: ‘Born Free’ by John Barrie and Don Black 1968 Best Song Oscar winner. A spot-on stunner that lifts and defines this film.
  • Favourite use of imagery in film:   ‘The Long Day Closes’ Director Terence Davies 1992. A uniquely honest film with long, languid tracking shots and fluid, dreamlike creation of the central character’s childhood. The excellent lighting also needs a mention.
  • Best casting:  Audrey Hepburn ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. 1961. Blake Edwards (Director) and Henry Mancini (Music). I simply can’t think of any other actress for this role which Miss Hepburn made her own.
Patrick Dunster


Also on the PSC

  • Favourite use of imagery in film: the use of water in Fatal Attraction
  • Most moving film scene: The end of Manon des Sources
  • Best casting: Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl
Gill Minikin



Three things I like about the society are:

  • A comfortable and very pleasant auditorium, with a glass of wine beforehand
  • Such a variety of great films - some which I didn’t know existed
  • A cinema so near home that I can even walk to it.
Angus Laidlaw

Also on the PSC

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Nicola Crowther

Front of House  Manager


3 things I like about the society:

  • It’s local and convenient.
  • It shows films I probably wouldn’t usually go and see and yet I am rarely disappointed by them
  • It is something I can do with my husband and then discuss later.
Roselle Beard

Website and Marketting

Also on PSC


I joined to see films not available elsewhere in a comfortable relaxed environment.

Michael Hammett

PSC Member

  • Favourite use of imagery in film: The evocation of post WW2 Vienna in Carol Reed’s The Third Man (1949)The sound track music is perfect too.
  • Most moving film scene: Timothy Spall’s hopeless despair in Mike Leigh’s Secrets and Lies  (1996)
  • Favourite dance routine:  Gene Kelly’s famous solo in  Singin’ in the Rain  (1952)
Heather Thomas

PSC Member

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